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Clifton Oval Dining Table – White


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The Cape alfresco range provides a stylish crossover between indoor and outdoor. Its minimalist style blends very well with natural textures such as wood, adding a touch of sophistication when combined. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this product is hand crafted glass fibre reinforced concrete which is painted with a water based (acrylic) paint and then coated in a durable water resistant coating. It has a seating capacity of 6-8 seats. It is resistant to stains from common food items such as red wine, but care should of course be taken and spills wiped soonest. Care is easy, with the recommedation that it be cleaned with a mild soap and water regularly, and waxed every 3-6 months. Look no further than this white concrete oval dining table indoor outdoor statement piece.

Product description: White Concrete Oval Dining Table Indoor Outdoor
Overall dimensions (cm): 76H X 90W X 200D
Weight (kg): 178
Frame material: GFRC Concrete.
Top material: GFRC Concrete. Small indentations and splits may be visible, and are part of the aesthetic of a hand crafted cement product.
Assembly required: Yes
Warranty: Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Product care: Place furniture on an even surface.
Avoid placing hot items directly on the concrete top. Concrete is heat resistant, but excessive heat can damage or discolor the sealer.
Any spills should be cleaned up immediately with a dry cloth. A mild soap and warm water is recommended for daily cleaning. Avoid abrasive soaps or cleansers.
It is advisable to protect the surface when writing, drawing, cutting etc. to prevent possible damage.
We advise you not to push chairs up against the table, as this might create depressions.
Wax regularly, once within 2 months of receiving your item and then every 3-6 months to maintain product long life.
We recommend covering the table when not in use, to enhance the longevity of the table top.
Hairline cracks can occur with concrete, if one appears, apply a thick layer of wax and rub it in thoroughly to prevent moisture seeping in.

Safety considerations: This table is very heavy and care should be taken in its use. Consider whether the intended use environment (people, pets, etc.) is appropriate and suitable for its use. Always install tables on a level surface. Check for wobbling after installation. Ensure all foot pads make contact with the floor. Install additional support to remove wobbling. Ensure all bolts are fastened tightly between the base and the top – there should be no movement in the top. Do not climb on the table. Do not sit on the table. Do not lean against the table.

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