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Armchairs, Occasional Chairs & Accent Chairs

Experience the unparalleled charm of Darcy and Duke’s exquisite armchair collection, meticulously crafted to provide you with ultimate relaxation. Our chairs come in an array of captivating colours, allowing you to select from a diverse assortment of fabrics to tailor your armchair to perfection. These pieces seamlessly blend comfort and sophistication, offering various options.

Beyond serving as a corner embellishment, our armchairs and occasional chairs can elevate the functionality and elegance of your office or bedroom. Designed to deliver pure enjoyment, our armchairs offer the indulgent comfort you truly deserve.

Our accent chairs and occasional chairs our a great way to add a pop of colour or design to any room.

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Where do you put an occasional chair?
Below some of our different armchair styles. All our armchairs can be viewed here

Accent Armchairs

Tub Armchairs

Swivel Armchairs

Armchairs, those delightful seating pieces, typically come adorned with armrests and boast a plush, upholstered seat and backrest. These versatile furnishings find their place in various parts of a home, including living rooms and bedrooms, where comfort and style converge. Armchairs exhibit an extensive array of styles, spanning from the classic to the contemporary, with upholstery options ranging from diverse fabrics to various materials. In certain instances, armchairs may offer additional features, such as reclining mechanisms or integrated footrests. Overall, armchairs represent a versatile and inviting seating solution that can effortlessly infuse both elegance and utility into any living space.

What Defines an Armchair?
An armchair is a chair designed with armrests and a cushioned, comfortable seat and backrest.

The Perks of Armchair Seating Armchairs offer the dual advantage of providing comfortable seating while simultaneously enhancing the aesthetic and functional aspects of a room.

Exploring the Spectrum of Armchair Styles Armchairs exhibit a wide spectrum of styles, from the timeless classics to the sleek and modern.

The Variety of Upholstery Materials Armchairs can be adorned with upholstery made from an array of fabrics and materials. Enhancements and Features Certain armchairs may include extra features like reclining mechanisms or integrated footrests.

Maximizing the Impact of Armchairs in a Room Armchairs serve as a means to elevate both the comfort and aesthetics of a room. Pairing two matching armchairs can establish an inviting seating nook within a living room or bedroom. When selecting an armchair, it’s essential to harmonize its style with the room’s decor. Boldly colored or patterned armchairs can serve as statement pieces, while a neutral-armchair can be complemented with vibrant throw pillows or a captivating patterned rug to inject a burst of visual interest into the space.

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